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“You are really amazing. It never ceases to amaze me to what extent you will go to keep a customer (more than) happy.” —B.D.S.

“WONDERFUL! Thank you again. I can never thank you enough for all you do and especially all you have done in this tight time frame.” —E.R.

“I wanted to tell you that the layout was beautiful and clean. I’ve worked as an in-house editor for traditional publishers for years, and I loved what you did—it truly was quality.” —P.G.

"Amazing job! I'm really impressed with your work. Again, great work and any future books that I may right I will for sure go through you." —C.P.

“By the way, the more I look at the book the more I’ve come to appreciate all the neat things you did with the interior. Like getting every single box for writing in to come out on a single page. Somehow I don’t think that was just luck.” —R.B.

"It's perfect!!! It is ready to be uploaded. I cannot thank you enough for your many talents. I am soooo happy I went with you to get my book ready for print. You did a wonderful job." —B.U.

“You have done outstanding work. I noticed today that you even “stet-ed” a couple of mistakes that I had made. You’re fantastic at your job, and I’ll recommend you very highly to anyone in publishing that I know.” —R.T.

"I'm STUNNED with tears of joy in my eyes!! It's overwhelming to see everything come to fruition! Thank you. I think I need to sleep the night with these feelings & emotions before I can take another action. I'm simply amazed...WOW! —D.W.

“Now I see why one needs a professional. The layout looks beautiful.” —J.P.

“You do great work. Thanks again.” —C.H.

"I have worked with Ghislain for several years now—where my role was as an editor/proofer and his as a compositor. I have found him to be consistently diligent, responsible, and easy to work with. He meets deadlines, stays within budget, and he has very competitive pricing. I highly recommend him for these reasons." —B.N.