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Ghislain Viau - Book Designer

Who Am I?

My name is Ghislain (pronounced “jiss lane”) and I’m a book designer. I design book covers, book interiors, and do ebook conversions. I’ve been in the book publishing industry for more than 25 years, and I help authors self-publish their books, from manuscript to print and/or converted to an ebook.

Designing books is ALL I do. They are my passion and my specialty. I offer services à la carte so there are no expensive packages. I make the process as smooth as possible for first-time authors or for seasoned authors. If you are a first-time author, you’ll probably have many questions, and I will be there to provide answers for you. Check out my customer reviews and you’ll see what I mean.

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Services Offered

Book Cover Design

Whether you need a cover for a printed version or a cover for an ebook, you’ll need a cover that is eye-catching. You can either come up with a concept that you want me to execute, or you can let me loose with my creative imagination. I offer design services for ANY TYPE OF BOOKS, whether novels of any genre, self-help, memoirs, business, coffee table, children’s, poetry, workbooks, and much more.

Book Formatting

Book formatting (also known as typesetting, book layout, or book interior design) is only needed if you intend to print your book. If you are only publishing an ebook, you’ll need your text converted. I’ll format your book so it looks like it was done by a publishing house. Quality formatting is invisible, meaning that nothing distracts the readers from what they are reading. The interior design should fit well with the cover, and I will create a unique design for your book. You’re not going to get preset templates to choose from. I pride myself in CUSTOM & CREATIVE book interior designs.

eBook Conversion

While many ebook sellers, such as Amazon Kindle and others, allow you to upload your Word document for an ebook, the conversion process is done without human intervention and will create many problems and errors. You might be able to fix these yourself, but I can take care of converting your manuscript so you get a professional and error-free conversion.

Printer Coordination

If you plan on getting your book printed using a digital or offset printer, you’ll probably need someone to talk the printer’s “lingo.” I can do that. I’ll help you select the paper, endsheets, foil, and all parts of the book and send the printer a “request for quotation.” You’ll be included in all decisions. I will also check the proofs from the printer and make sure the books get shipped to the location you specify.

Opening Accounts

For those authors who don’t really want to get into opening accounts, uploading files, and filling out the rest of the information that you’ll need, I can help you open your POD (print-on-demand) and ebook accounts for you.

Advices and Contact

I don’t edit, proofread, provide indexes, create websites, and print books, but I can give you some of the contacts I’ve worked with. Advice and contact information are free and come with my 25 years of experience in the publishing field. When you have questions, you want PROFESSIONAL ADVICE and guidance. My knowledge of the publishing industry is based on many years of experience.

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